Brad J. Whitlock



Talented, extremely productive, motivated professional with years of graphical application development experience. Versatile and quick-learning with background covering broad range of project responsibilities, including: design, coding, testing, documentation development, customer support, and user training.


Languages: C, C++, Python, Java, FORTRAN, HTML, Javascript, PHP, UNIX Shell Scripting.
Special skills: Object-oriented design and programming, Graphics programming, Parallel programming in distributed or shared-memory environments, Network programming, User interface design, Cross-platform development, Technical writing, Class development and presentation, C++ STL, OpenGL/Mesa, Qt, VTK, CMake, MPI, Pthreads, WIN32, X11.
Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, GNU compiler collection, SVN, Microsoft Office, Rational Clearquest, Rational Clearcase, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe FrameMaker, GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), Mediawiki, jQuery.
Platforms: Personal computers, Shared memory computers, Clusters, Massively parallel distributed computers (e.g. LLNL Graph), Web.
Operating systems: MS Windows, MacOS X, and Linux/UNIX.


Intelligent Light, Rutherford, NJ 2013-Present

Post Processing & Visualization Engineer

Continue to work on VisIt open source software, making important contributions while also working to achieve company goals of broader VisIt adoption in the commercial sector. Working to make it easier to adopt scalable VisIt technology into FieldView. I also work on some other research projects within the company.

  • Continue to work on libsim in situ library for VisIt.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA 1998-2013

Computer Scientist/Math Programmer

Developed a state of the art parallel visualization and data analysis application, VisIt, as part of a team. Working on this complex project required excellent development skills with an emphasis on multitasking and quick mastery of topics such as parallel programming, graphics programming, networking, and creating graphical user interfaces. In addition, used excellent oral and written communication skills to interact with team, provide customer support, write technical manuals, manage summer interns, and represent project at trade shows.

Key contributions:
  • Wrote a large portion of VisIt infrastructure, including: network communication, state management, user interfaces, graphics plug-ins, and file format plug-ins.
  • Created VisIt user interface with Qt library, allowing the same user interface for all of the platforms on which VisIt runs. Created custom controls where needed to ensure that VisIt's user interface was consistent and easy to use.
  • Provided superior customer support via one-on-one training, help line, and e-mail. Regularly participated in special projects with users such as making movies, supplying customized plug-ins and programs for data analysis.
  • Ported VisIt to Windows and MacOS X platforms and created bi-monthly release versions for those platforms, mastering their development environments.
  • Recognized the need for and wrote VisIt documentation, including: User's manual, Python Interface Manual, Getting Data into VisIt. Updated all VisIt documentation periodically to account for new features.
  • Created Visualization with VisIt course and taught 8 times, bringing new users to the project from fields such as defense & nuclear tech., climate, astronomy.
  • Proactively enhanced VisIt's capabilities to attract new groups of users.
  • Created portable build system based on CMake to reduce development costs for cross-platform development.
  • Collaborated with internal and external users.
Other roles:
  • Scientific programmer for Hypervelocity impact project.
  • Developed prototype simulation for study of thermal effects on cities.
  • Lead project to create 3D stereo movies for LLNL Discovery Center.
  • Scientific programmer for SciDAC2, VACET (Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies).


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

California State University, Sacramento - Sacramento, CA

Graduate Studies in Computer Science

University of California, Davis - Davis, CA
Advanced Volume Rendering - Advanced Visualization - Computer Architecture



  • 2011 Update on VisIt, 2011 DOE Computer Graphics Forum, Asheville, NC.
  • Introductory VisIt Tutorial, AWE 2011.
  • CMake and VisIt, ASQ Build system poster session, LLNL 2011.
  • VisIt 2, ASQ Technical Talk Series, LLNL 2010.
  • VisIt Advanced Tutorial, SuperComputing 2010, New Orleans, LA.
  • Update on DGEM, LLNL 2010.
  • Movie-making in VisIt, CAR Showcase poster session, LLNL 2007.
  • Custom Applications with VisIt, CAR Showcase poster session, LLNL 2005.
  • VisIt 2004, SuperComputing 2004, Pittsburg, PA.
  • Visualization with VisIt classes taught at LLNL and ORNL 2003-2007.


  • R&D 100 Award, 2005: VisIt: A flexible, scalable visualization and analysis tool
  • Founder/owner of, a wiki for VisIt users and developers
  • Founder/owner of, a personal Web site