I work on visualization software for my livelihood but every once in a while, I still tinker at home on a side project. While most of those projects never get completed, sometimes I finish something enough to be useful to other people. I'll try to put those programs on this page.

Photo Mosaic Wizard

You've probably seen one somewhere -- a photo mosaic. That is a large poster-sized picture composed of smaller pictures arranged as tiles. A while back, I thought it would be fun to write a program that creates photo mosaics. After all, I have several thousand pictures from my digital camera to work with. I was able to write a basic version of a photo mosaic creation program in a few days but I decided to rework it into a wizard that is easy to use. Of course, that took a LOT longer, plus I added some advanced features along the way. After a lot of hard work, I introduce: Photo Mosaic Wizard.

Photo Mosaic Wizard



  • Assemble your entire JPEG image library into photo mosaics of any size.
  • Select any number of directories that contain JPEG images and exclude directories whose images you don't want.
  • You can pick the number of tiles used in the photo mosaic.
  • Automatically tints images to better match the photo mosaic tiles.
  • Sit back and watch Photo Mosaic Wizard create your photo mosaic.
  • Photo Mosaic Wizard is written for multi-core CPUs and it can use as much processing power as you can throw at it.
  • Photo Mosaic Wizard uses edge detection and flesh-tone detection to prioritize its image matches so the most suitable pictures in your library are put where they matter the most.


For my full disclaimer, please run the program and click the License button on the lower left corner of the wizard. To summarize:
  • This 0.2 (zero point two) version of the software can be used freely.
  • The software is provided AS-IS so do not expect support per se.
  • I don't think it's possible for this program to do any harm but if it did, I'm not liable.